Job Description:

    The Patrol Quartermaster is appointed by the Patrol Leader. He checks out and checks in required equipment from the Troop Quartermaster. He also makes sure everyone in his patrol has required equipment for each event. He keeps patrol gear organized and knows who has it.

Reports to: Both the Patrol Leader and the Troop Quartermaster

Patrol Quartermaster duties:

  • Keeps all the patrol gear in order and knows who has it.
  • Reminds patrol members to bring gear to the meeting before each campout.
  • Tells Troop Quartermaster or adult Equipment Coordinator if something is broken.
  • Makes sure the gear is in proper shape when it’s time to check the troop gear back into the storage trailer at the end of the year. (If gear is not checked in at the end of year, YOU NEED TO KEEP IT IN GOOD ORDER UNTIL NEXT YEAR.
  • Sets the example for the patrol.
  • Wears the Scout Uniform correctly.
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Shows Scout spirit and respects others.

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