Why Should I Volunteer at Eagle Projects?

A Chance to Do a Good Deed

by Mrs. T-K

Greetings T-103 Parents and Scouts!

Everyone should help with Eagle Projects. You only need volunteer an hour or 2, but you should try very hard to help out on every one of them.

In case I heard you ask, “Why?”, here are some reasons:

1. Every Eagle project is done completely by volunteers- YOU in fact!

2. Every Eagle project is for an organization in our community that needs your help to be better able to serve everyone, including YOU!

3. Some day YOU will need help on a project and paying it forward is a good thing.

4. You can see first hand how a project is organized and led. This will help you gain experience on every project you will ever do moving forward, includingYOUR own Eagle Project some day.

5. Please do not show up just at lunch time (that is not cool) but should you work a morning shift you get free food with friends.

6. Some projects are more labor intensive and others more cerebral but no matter what YOUusually learn how to do something new.

7. Volunteering can count as YOUR good deed for the day and shows tremendous scout spirit.

8. Parents serve as volunteers too! We work under the leadership and direction of the Life Scout in charge. It’s fun!

So please, whenever you hear of a scout doing an eagle project, check your schedule, let them know you will help and when, and be on time. YOU will learn something, help to do something important, and help a brother scout help the community.

YiS and Eagle Projects,

Mrs. T-K