The list below is recommended for those scouts attending Summer Camp. If you have any questions please discuss them with your troop leadership.


____ Scout Uniform – for travel to and from camp, meals, and for ceremonies.
Long Uniform pants required, shorts optional.
When wearing scout shorts, scout socks are required.
Includes: Scout Hat, Troop Neckerchief & Scout Belt.
____ Troop T-shirts – 4 (Red Jerzees Brand or equivalent)
Or camp T-shirts if from prior years.
____ Jeans – 2 pair
____ Shorts – 3 pair
____ Poncho or Raincoat
____ Warm Jacket
____ Sweatshirt or Flannel
____ Tennis Shoes
____ Hiking Boots (optional)
____ Swimsuit
____ Pajamas
____ Underwear – for 6 days
____ Socks – for 6 days
____ Handkerchief
____ Watch (optional)


____ Pack and Frame OR Duffel Bag
____ Sleeping bag or 2-3 blankets
____ Sleeping pad or air mattress if desired
____ Sunglasses
____ Flashlight and extra batteries
____ Scout Handbook
____ Spiral Notebook or equivalent
____ Pens and Pencils
____ Clothesline (10 ft. – used for drying wet cloths)
____ Games (NOT electronic) – suggest playing cards, Scrabble, etc.
____ Casual Reading Material
____ Sunscreen and Chap stick
____ Money – for MB materials, craft supplies, Trading Post goodies, etc.
____ Insect Repellent
____ Toothbrush and Toothpaste
____ Soap
____ Washcloth
____ Towels (for bathing and swimming)
____ Comb or Brush
____ Other personal care products – contact lens cleaner, etc. (optional)
____ Pillow (optional)
____ Musical Instrument (optional)
____ Pocket Knife (optional) Must have ‘Totin Chit’ Card
____ Camera with film (optional)
____ Bible or Prayer Book (optional)
NOTE: Troop 103 does not allow any butane lighters, non-folding knives, fireworks, radios/walkmans or electronic devices/games on camp outs. If it is not on the list of things to bring–ask before you bring it!

Prior to coming to camp, scouts are encourage to clearly mark all personal items with their name and troop number.

Your Scout Handbook is a good source for additional information on what to pack.