1. Scout Uniform for Travel to and from camp out and for any Ceremonies
  2. Troop T-shirts (Green Jerzees Brand or equivalent)
  3. Extra Clothes – amount depends on length of camp out – BE PREPARED!
  4. Poncho or Rain Gear if rain is likely
  5. Coat, Jacket, and Gloves depending on time of year and weather conditions
  6. Hiking Boots if hikes are planned
  7. Pack and Frame OR Duffel Bag – Pack and Frame required for backpacking–don’t rush out and buy one
  8. Sleeping bag or 2-3 blankets
  9. Water Proof Stuff Sack for Sleeping Bag
  10. Sleeping pad or air mattress if desired
  11. Ski Cap for sleeping – It keeps you warm on a cold night
  12. Mess Kit with utensils
  13. Drinking Cup
  14. Flashlight with fresh batteries
  15. Pocket Knife (Only if ‘Totin Chit’ has been earned) – No sheath knives allowed.
  16. Canteen or unbreakable water bottle
  17. Personal First Aid Kit – See Scout Handbook
  18. Scout Handbook – get the NEW one, 1999 revision
  19. Compass – will need for 2nd Class or borrow one
  20. Toilet Kit to include: toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, comb, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper in water proof zip-lock bag, wash cloth, bath towel, sun screen, insect repellant, lip balm, glasses/contact care items, etc.

NOTE: Troop 103 does not allow any candles, butane lighters, non-folding knives, fireworks, radios/walkmans or computer games on camp outs. If it is not on the list to bring, ask before you bring it.

Your Scout Handbook is a good source for additional information on what to pack.

Before buying expensive items like sleeping bags, boots and backpacks, we strongly suggest you use suitable family gear or borrow for the first few trips. This lets you see what is needed, what others use, research purchases and take advantage of sales. Troop 103’s leaders have camped for years, and can suggest money-saving substitutes, or recommend good quality equipment that will survive the rigors of Scout camping. Scouts also tend to grow quickly and can find that a backpack or boots don’t fit after a year.Troop equipment such as tents, tarps, lanterns, stoves, and cooking utensils are furnished by the troop. You can contact Irene Hung at for more information.