Troop 103 tries to schedule several Rim of the Bay (RIMROVER) hikes each year. This is a progressive hike with 6 segments. The segments are Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. St. Helena, Mt Wittenberg, Mt. Diablo, Mission Peak, and Pinnacles NM. As each segment is completed a rocker is earned that goes around the outside of the large patch (red border patch shown above) with the name of the segment that was hiked. See below detailed information about each of the hikes

See our current calendar for the Rim of the Bay Hikes this year.

More details on this patch and the various segments can be found on the SFBAC web site.

Rim of the Bay Hikes
Criteria Mt. St. Helena Mt. Wittenburg Mt. Tamalpais
Height (ft) 4343 1407 2571
Round Trip Hike (mi) 11 6 8.5
Total Elevation Gain (ft) 1384ft 1407ft 1081ft
Elevation Gain Per Mile (ft/mi) 252ft/mi 469ft/mi 254ft/mi
Distance fr Fremont (mi) 108 82 74
Est. Drive Time (one way) 2hr20min 1hr57min 1hr46min
Park Map Mt. St. Helena Park Map Mt. Wittenburg Park Map Mt. Tamalpais Park Map
Notes of Interests Beautiful drive through Napa Valley to get to RLS Park. No restroom at the parking area. Stop in Calistoga at public restroom noted on blue signs in town prior to leaving. Careful crossing highway from parking area to trailhead. Sheltered trail first section, then exposed jeep trail with views to the top of the mountain. The geysers geothermal area visable to North. Larger antenna array at top Tallest mountain in Pt Reyes. Nice visitors center. Peak marker is located in a grove of trees at top without view. Better view is located back on trail opposite to the summit intersection. Short forest trail to Stone Theater. Nice views from Stone Theater to West View Inn. Open dirt road with views to top. Paved trail around the peak and Fire Lookout at the very top
Rim of the Bay Hikes
Criteria Mt. Diablo Mission Peak Pinnacles NM
Height (ft) 3849 2517 2600
Round Trip Hike (mi) 7 6.9 5.9
Total Elevation Gain (ft) 2249ft 1997ft 1400ft
Elevation Gain Per Mile (ft/mi) 643ft/mi 579ft/mi 475ft/mi
Distance fr Fremont (mi) 41 0 115
Est. Drive Time (one way) 1hr15min 10min 2hr16min
Park Map Mt. Diablo Park Map Mission Peak Map Pinnacles NM Park Map
Notes of Interests Trail a little tricky to find at start from Rock City. Flowers in Spring. Bring binoculars for view from the top. One of the best in California if weather is clear. Largest elevation gain/mile of the ROB Hikes Hang Paraglider takeoff point on the way to the top. Can see Sierra on clear Winter days. 2nd largest elevation gain/mile of the ROB Hikes. Pinnacles has Condor breeding area and they can be seen early morning and evening. Condor Cam located on Pinnacles website. High Peaks Trail has option to go through caves at end of the loop. Farthest drive from Fremont