Information published on the Internet should not be taken as official BSA policy at the national, council, district or unit level. Internet sites are only the opinion of the authors and may not always contain factual information. Those sites that are OFFICIAL BSA sites are so noted. Always consult official BSA publications and the appropriate troop leadership to clarify any policy or procedural questions.

* OFFICIAL Boy Scouts of America Web Site
* OFFICIAL Boy Scout Advancement Requirements
* OFFICIAL Merit Badge Requirements
* OFFICIAL BSA site for scout parents
* OFFICIAL BSA Legal Issues Web Site
* OFFICIAL 2013 National Scout Jamboree
* OFFICIAL ‘Guide To Safe Scouting’
* OFFICIAL ‘Good Turn For America Site’
* OFFICIAL ‘BSA On-Line Adult Training’
* OFFICIAL ‘Insignia Guide’
* BSA Fieldbook Online Resources
* Flag Rules and Regulations
* MacScouter Web Site
* History of the SFBAC
* U.S. Scouting Service Project
* On-line scout games
* Animated Knots
* Bay Area Ridge Trail – A trail around the ridge lines of the San Francisco Bay.
* Bay Trail – A trail around the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay.
* Fremont Unified – School Calendar
* Newark Unified – School Calendar