Dues and Fees

Scouts Yearly Fees: $264.00 (includes, Registration, Boy’s Life, and Insurance)

$114.00 is due when rechartering and $150.00 is due May 1st.
This $150.00 is waived if the parent/guardian provides assistance to the troop. This assistance can be accomplished by taking on a Committee position, driving on campouts, helping with fundraisers, and a variety of other activities. There is something for everyone to do–BSA even provides the training. We have a chart that shows how credits can be earned to offset the additional $150.00 of dues. No weekly or monthly dues are collect. Scouts and adults pay for the food purchased for campouts.

Adult Yearly Fees: $24.00

If an Adult Leader (Scouter) is transferring from another Boy Scout or Cub Scout Unit, a $1.00 transfer fee would apply rather than the $24.00 Registration fee. The regular B.S.A. Registration fee would again apply at the next recharter date (January 1st).

Adults who are not registered with another B.S.A. unit would pay a $24.00 fee which includes Registration, Insurance and Scouter Magazine.

Please note that part of these fees are prorated based on the month in which you join. The year for registration purposes is January 1 to December 31. The yearly Dues are adjusted if you join during the last three months of the year or for Webelos who join mid-year.

Scouts can earn part of their registration fees and/or summer camp fees by working on troop fund raising projects. A portion of each fund raiser is credited to the scout to be used for such purposes.

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