1. Each Scout contributes $12-15 to their patrol for groceries at the troop meeting prior to the campout. (The exact amount will be included on the Troop Permission Slip for the camping trip.)
  2. Determine how many Scouts from the patrol are going on the camping trip so the Scouts doing the shopping can buy accordingly.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THE MONEY TO THE MEETING, otherwise there won’t be enough money to buy groceries and your patrol may be hungry during the camping trip.
  4. The patrol drafts a menu for each meal and snack during the camping trip.
    1. Find out if anyone going on the camping trip from your patrol has a food allergy; if so, plan accordingly.
    2. Find out if anyone going on the camping trip from your patrol is a vegetarian; if so, plan accordingly.
    3. Fruit must be included on the menu. (Refer to Scout book for information regarding food pyramid.)
    4. No soft drinks, soda pop, etc.
  5. Some grocery items may already be in the patrol box, such as maple syrup, mustard, or powdered lemonade. Scouts need to double-check the patrol box prior to going shopping
  6. Each patrol delegates two Scouts to do the shopping for the patrol. One Scout must be responsible and experienced; do not send two younger Scouts. (Scouts shop in pairs.)
  7. Scouts check with their parents and set a time to do the shopping in advance of the camping trip. (Note: Shopping at stores like Costco is inappropriate for the minimal amount of groceries needed by a patrol over a weekend.)
  8. Scouts shop for all groceries and supplies needed by their patrol for each meal during the camping trip. Bring a calculator.
  9. Scouts store the groceries at home until leaving for the camping trip.
  10. Don’t forget to make or purchase plenty of ice for the patrol’s ice chest. Call the day before and on the day of departure to make sure the patrol’s ice chest will be available.
  11. Remember, paying attention to these details will help ensure a happy and successful camping trip.
  12. Save receipts for Scoutmaster.


  1. Parents drive the two Scouts to and from the grocery store. Remind Scouts to bring a calculator.
  2. Although parents do not do the shopping, parents should supervise to make sure that appropriate foods are purchased. Parents can offer advice.
  3. Parents may provide a discount card (such as a Safeway card) at checkout so the Scouts pay the least possible amount.
  4. Parents occasionally help out if the groceries and supplies total a little more than anticipated; however, parents MUST NEVER substantially cover any cost over-runs. A Scout is thrifty!
  5. The groceries will probably be stored in the family’s refrigerator and kitchen until the camping trip, so make sure there is space! If the perishable goods are kept in the ice chest for a day prior to departure, make sure there is adequate ice to keep the foods fresh.
  6. Parents help make sure all the groceries and ice are delivered on time to the departure point for the camping trip.