Camping / Activity Pledge

The Boy Scouts of America have two “sets of ideals” which govern the conduct of any Scout or Scouter (adult leader). These are the SCOUT OATH and the SCOUT LAW. When a boy becomes a Scout he promises to try to live these ideals. A list of rules and regulations should do nothing more than repeat what is already contained in the Scout Oath and Law. Experience has shown however that expectations need to be more rigidly defined to prevent misunderstandings.

Every Scout and Parent in Troop 103 is expected to behave according to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law at all times. If everyone remembers that your actions, or inaction, can cause problems and extra work for others most problems can be avoided. Put yourself in the other person’s place, would you like them to create extra work for you due to their neglect or forgetfulness.

You are asked to make the volunteer leaders’ jobs easier and our outings safer by following these rules.

  1. All permission slips for campouts/activities are due by 7:30 p.m. of the designated due date. Scouts will NOT be allowed to attend the activity if the Permission Slip is presented after this time. Exceptions for special circumstances may be allowed if both the Outdoor/Activities Coordinator and Scoutmaster agree.
  2. Permission slips list the uniform requirements for travel to and from an outing and to be worn at the activity or camp out. If a scout shows up for an outing with the incorrect or incomplete uniform he may be excluded from activities. Repeated problems may exclude the scout from future outings.
  3. If your son is not going to travel with the troop you need to make your own arrangements for transporting your son to and from the activity. In any case the Tour Leader (Scoutmaster or his designee) and the Outdoor/Activities Coordinator needs to know the anticipated arrival and departure time of your son.
  4. The troop will make every effort to depart on time. If you do not arrive at the departure location (normally Warm Springs School) before the troop departs, the scout’s parents will need to provide transportation for the scout and any gear/equipment he was supposed to bring. If this is not done a separate meeting will be held with the parents, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair to discuss how to prevent this from happening again. The scout and/or his parents will reimburse the troop for any expenses incurred to procure last minute equipment or food that may have been the scout’s responsibility.
  5. Scouts who become a behavior or discipline problem at a camp out or activity will be sent home. Parents will be called and asked to pick-up their son. It is expected that this pick-up will occur regardless of the distance involved.
  6. If you plan to pick-up your son from a camp out or other activity you need to confirm the pick-up time with the Tour Leader (Scoutmaster or his designee) and the Outdoor/Activities Coordinator prior to the troop departing on the trip. For picking up at camp outs the normal expectation is you will be at the camping location no later than 9:00 a.m. on the pick-up day. In no case will your son leave the activity prior to being released by troop leadership. He will not be released until he has completed his clean-up duties or other shared duties including making the necessary arrangements for transporting the troop gear he is responsible for cleaning.
  7. If you are not going to be at home while the troop is at an outing or camp out you need to provide alternative contact telephone numbers on the Permission Slip where you can be contacted.
  8. When returning from a camp out, normal practice is to call the parents 30 minutes prior to the troop’s arrival at the school so that you can be on hand when the troop arrives. If you will not be able to pick-up your son after the outing you need to make arrangements with another parent, friend or relative to pick-up your son and communicate this to the Tour Leader (Scoutmaster or his designee) and the Outdoor/Activities Coordinator prior to the troop’s departure for the activity. The contact telephone number for the person picking up your son needs to also be provided on the Permission Slip. If a parent has not arrived to pick-up their son after the troop is dismissed, the scout will be chaperoned by the Tour Leader or his designee until the parent arrives (2 deep leadership guidelines will apply). A separate meeting will be held with the parents, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair to discuss how to prevent this from happening again.
  9. When returning from an outing no one will be dismissed until all troop gear has been assigned for cleaning and placed in the scouts/parents vehicle.
  10. Troop 103 has a storage container at 43650 Osgood Rd, Fremont CA 94539 (next to Fry’s Electronics) Your scout might be assigned to pick up campout gears at this location the week prior to the campout, it’s scout’s responsibility to inform their parents and meet Troop Quarter Master at storage container to pick up their patrol’s equipment and bring it on the day of the campout.
  11. It is the scouts responsibility, with parent follow-up, to clean all Patrol Equipment assigned to them and bring it to the next Monday Troop Meeting. Perishable items should be used or discarded. Non-perishable items should be left in the Staples Box for the next outing. If items are needed such as tin foil, paper towels etc. this should be reported to the person buying food for the next outing.
  12. Every year in May, a Gear Cleanup Day will be scheduled and it is mandatory for all scouts to attend and help with the gear cleanup and maintenance unless excused from Scoutmaster. All equipment will be bring in to Warm Springs School. If the equipment is not returned at that time, or is not clean, the scout and parent will need to make special arrangements with the Scoutmaster to return the equipment. In any case this must be done prior to the last Court-of-Honor.

We have read and discussed these rules and agree to abide by them.

This policy will be distributed at annual re-charting to all troop families. It will need to be read by both parents and the scout. A signed copy will be kept in the Tour Leaders Binder.