Alex Zheng

Committee Quartermaster


Andrew C Kwok




Bangkai “Jerry” Chen

ASM – HAT Advisor, ASM – Patrol Advisor



Barth M “Bart” Paine

ASM – Patrol Advisor



Chee Wah “Evan” Ho

Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM), ASM – Patrol Advisor



Chidambaram “Chidam” Jambulingam

Committee Training Coordinator



Christopher S “Chris” Jeremiah

ASM – Patrol Advisor

I am the troop Merit Badge ASM.


Eileen Mack

Committee Outdoor Activities Chair



Haiqi Carr

Committee Youth Protection Training



Hank H Lin

ASM – Patrol Advisor, Committee Database Coordinator



Irene Hung

Committee Uniform Bank Coordinator



James B “Bobby” Edmonds

Committee Member

I am the father of 2 amazing boys, and husband to an awesome wife. I am a geekoholic who loves everything tech. Some of my interests include global travel, music (I’m a drummer), shooting, and astronomy.


Janis Tipton-King

Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM), Committee Life To Eagle Advisor



Jennifer H Kim

Assistant Advancement



Jessica Sun

Assistant Fundraising



Jin Wen

ASM – Patrol Advisor, ASM – Patrol Advisor



John Bashkin

Committee Member

Education: Ph.D. Chemistry, MBA Occupation: Business advisor to life sciences and medical device companies and investment funds Hobbies: Woodworking, Running, Biking, Hiking, Camping Volunteering: Manager, TBall team for MSJLL


John P “Patrick” Muldoon

Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM), ASM – Scouting For Food Coordinator, Committee Life To Eagle Advisor


Joyce Huang

Assistant Recharter



Justine Hu

Committee Advancement Chair



Kalidas Cheroolil 

ASM – Scouting For Food Coordinator, Committee Member



Kari Armstrong

ASM – Patrol Advisor



Kehsin “Katie” Tu

ASM – Patrol Advisor, ASM – HAT Advisor



Kunming Ho 

Committee Recharter Coordinator



Lynn Feltner 

Committee Treasurer



Lynn Mitscha

Chaplain, Committee Secretary



Michael J “Mike” Dubro 

Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM)



Michael Young




Michele Young

Committee Life To Eagle Advisor



Mukul Goyal

Committee Fundraising Chair



Nilesh R Jadhav

ASM – Scribe Advisor



Peter E DeLang

Committee Life To Eagle Advisor



Praveena Jogi




Renee Pappa, Committee Chair

Committee Chairman



Rohit Sehgal

ASM – Patrol Advisor



Sathish K Bakthauatchalam

Committee Member



Scott Bergstrom

ASM – Order of the Arrow, ASM – Baden Powell

I have been involved with Boy Scouts since I was a youth. I was with Troop 248 and Troop 227 in San Jose. In both troops I was the Patrol Leader, ASPL, SPL and JASM During my youth I served as camp staff at summer camp (Hi-Sierra), was elected to the Order of the Arrow, attended Philmont, and was recognized with the Youth Leadership in America Award. I re-joined scouts when my son joined Cub Scout Pack 153 as a Tiger. I served as a Den Leader through his earning the Arrow of Light. As he bridged to Troop 103, I joined as an ASM.

Siangchun “Frances” Pan

Committee Membership Chair



Stephen D “Steve” Carr

ASM – Patrol Advisor



Terry Noonan

ASM – Patrol Advisor, Committee Life To Eagle Advisor



Timothy J “Tim” Howard

Committee Life To Eagle Advisor



Vania Ferraro

ASM – Outreach, ASM – Den Chief Advisor



Victor H Lam

ASM – Patrol Advisor



Yi-Ling “Dora” Chen

Assistant Membership



Yiting “Ivy” Sheng

Committee Parent Scout Coordinator



Yuling “Lynn” Tu

Committee Advancement Chair