The troop went on a hike at Mount Tamalpais in April. They were ready for the arduous 8.5 mile hike, due to the Outing Leader Mr. Lin’s tips. The troop members met up at Warm Springs Elementary at 8:00 am sharp. There, the patrol leaders took attendance and made sure everyone was ready for the hike in front of them. Finally, everyone got into their cars. The over 2-hour trip to the mountain meant that the boys had plenty of time to talk and relax with their friends on the way there. After a while, the troop got to Mount Tamalpais. The hike had begun. It started in the Pan Toll parking lot, then to the Easy Grade Trail. When they got to the Mountain Theater, the scouts took the Rock Springs Trail. At West Point Inn, they took the Old Railroad Grade Fire Roast to East Peak. To return, the troop went on Old Railroad Grade Fire Road to West Point Inn, then on Old Stage Fire Road back to the Pan Toll Parking lot. During the hike, the boys also played around a lot on the beach, with a Frisbee and also with each other after eating the bagged lunches they had brought. They also set up a campfire and sat around it. Every scout enjoyed the camp out, and every scout would want to go on it again.



A stunning view from the peak of Mount Tamalpais.