The troop went on a hike at Mission Peak in February. Because of our Scoutmaster’s early warning, most everyone was prepared with long pants, long shorts, hiking boots, and an extra sweater. The boys met at Warm Springs at 7:00 am, and the trip to Mission Peak was very short, only about ten minutes. There, the troop surveyed the daunting task that was held in front of them. While they were hiking up, the trail was very muddy and wet. In one case, the troop had to go on the side of the trail, because it was too muddy to hike through. However, in good cheer, the troop finished the climb and made it almost to the peak of the mountain. There, they set up their tents and started to cook dinner at Eagle Spring Backpack Camp, which is just north of Mission Peak. Some scouts went to the top of the mountain and saw a stunning view. Although it was very windy, the boys were able to cook their backpacking food and went to sleep, proud of their accomplishment. Finally, they woke up early the next day, packed their bags, and started to hike down Mission Peak.



The troop takes a break to gather their breath and eat something.