Date: May 29-31
Tour Leader: Mr. Young
SPL: Albert C.
Written by Justin W.
Photographed by Mr. Lin
The Haunted Woods campout was a wondrous experience. Every Webelo, scout, and parent at the campout thoroughly enjoyed the well prepared campout. Our troop, together with another troop, organized Haunted Woods in order to showcase the fun Boy Scouts is, and encourage Webelos to make the jump from a Webelo to a Boy Scout.
Everything was carefully planned over the course of several months. The committee met every month at least once, and meetings were usually held at Mr. Young’s house. In the beginning, Roy was the SPL of the committee, but due to his busy schedule he was replaced with Albert.
The committee planned everything in great detail.  We constructed the events, decided on what kind of food to eat, and made the schedule of the campout. Prizes were decided on, materials were gathered, and sign-ups were made. Numerous tasks kept the committee busy, and the committee was the reason the campout was such a success.
The campout itself was marvelous. After arriving at Los Mochos Friday evening, the scouts immediately began preparing for the arrival of the Webelos. After setting up the tents and organizing the gear, the scouts had a cracker barrel while having a meeting that finalized the plan for the next day. After that, the scouts went to bed, looking forward to seeing the Webelos the next day.
Saturday morning came around in no time at all, and the scouts scrambled to get everything ready for the Webelos. Patrol leaders set up their stations, headquarters was set up, and other scouts stood in position to direct the traffic. Eventually the Webelos arrived, and the day started. There were 11 stations for each Webelo group to attend, and the day passed like a blur. The adults had their own separate program. After a spaghetti dinner, there was a campfire in which every patrol and even the adults participated in. Afterwards, all campers went to sleep. On Sunday morning, all the Webelos left. The scouts stayed behind to clean up, and trash sweep the area. Everyone left with a sad heart, because each and every scout knew they would never experience something as fun as the Haunted Woods again.