Date:  October 25- 26, 2014

Tour Leader: Mr. Lin, ASM

SPLs:  Aaron L., Albert C.

Photographed by Mr. Lin

Written by Alex F.

Early on Saturday, October 25th we headed out to Cheseborough Boy Scout Camp in Santa Cruz Mountains to experience life as a hobo.   A hobo campout is where you make your own shelter out of tarps and cook your food over the fire using tin cans, foil and other makeshift cooking utensils.

Total of 22 Scouts and 8 Adults joined for the camping adventure.  Our first job was to find a nice flat area and build our tents out of the tarps and rope and cardboard.   There were all types of tents being built, some big and some just enough room for the scouts and their gear.  We built them within the trees and some used sticks from the ground to support the shelter. It started to sprinkle and turned to rain all while we were setting up our tents.  This was the first rain of the season.  It was very cold and made working hard to stay dry.

hobe tent

Picture: Hobo Tents

We used newspaper to get the coals going for our stoves to cook our hobo food.  It took a long time to get the coals going, but once they got going we were able to cook our food.  Groups cooked simple hobo food like tin can stew.  We had to make our utensils out of tin foil to stir our stew.  The food was surprisingly good.

hobo cooking

Picture: Hobo Cooking

As the evening came we spend a lot of time sitting and talking.  Some scouts made a see saw out of a long log and placed it on a broken tree stump.   We made it through the night and everyone’s tent survived.  We remained dry as it stopped raining.

hobo fire

Picture: Hobo Fire

We managed to get breakfast, clean up and load the cars after a brief Scouts’ Own by Cody P. Everyone agreed we had a good time being a Hobo. We had survived!