Date: Sep. 26-27 2014

Tour Leader: Mr. Chen

SPL: Aaron L.

Written by Antony C.

Photographed by Mr. Chen

The Dragon Boat Campout is a fun experience for cub scouts and boy scouts. Scouts build ships and race them in a tournament, but there are also many other exciting activities to do. Troop 103 scouts first met at Warm Springs Elementary School. When everyone arrived, they all drove down to Lake Elizabeth. By the time everyone had set up (including helping the Webelos and new scouts) it was already getting dark. As one scout Brian L. recalls, “We brought out our mess kits, and had a pretty good patrol dinner, but the best part was when the adults brought out 6 huge buckets of ice cream for our cracker barrel! There were many different flavors including birthday cake, marble, Neapolitan, cookies & cream, and more.” After dinner and ice cream, scouts headed out to the field and played a game that simulated teamwork while rowing a boat. After an exciting day, the scouts went to sleep looking forward to racing the next day.


Early next morning, the scouts woke up to prepare breakfast. They checked all their gear for the dragon boat race and waited for it to begin. The troop was divided into 2 different teams. The older, more experienced scouts, and the younger scouts and cub scouts. The younger scouts unfortunately lost the first heat, but the older scouts stayed in the running a bit longer. According to spectators, they barely managed to make it to semi-finals, but lost by ten seconds there. While waiting for the results, troop 103 scouts had 25 boxes of pizza for lunch, which (as expected) produced many leftover boxes. After a disappointing race, the scouts headed back to warm springs.