Written by Alex F.

Photographed by Mr. Carr

Date: 9/20/14

Tour Leader: Mr. Paine, ASM

SPL: Charlie H.

On Saturday the 20th we joined the Rotary Club Of Fremont Warm Springs Sunrise for a tail gate BBQ , an Oakland A’s game and the chance to conduct the opening game Flag Ceremony.

Total of 23 Scouts and 22 Adults joined for the day’s events. Charlie H. had trained with the flag group Tues, Friday and even early Saturday at Warm Spring Park. Only one minor injury when the finial on top of one of the flags fell off and caused a minor cut on a scouts head during Friday practice.

The A’s game Flag Ceremony went well.They marched in a single line instead of abreast as they were training for, and it was right at home plate. Mr. Carr helped as the adult lead for the ceremony. Everyone got tickets to the game as well as a chance to meet A’s player Billy Burns and have a good barbeque. Only downside A’s lost.

flag group

Flag Ceremony Honor Guard:

Charlie H
Gavin C
Aaditya J
Siddharth R
Alan W
Kevin Z

Thanks to Dr. Dubro and the Rotary for food and fun, thanks to Mr. Paine and Mr. Carr for help, and the Honor Guard and scout participants.

flag field