Sunset Beach

Date: April 18-20

Tour leader: Mr. Chen

SPL: Nathan K.

Report written by Lionel J.

Photographed by Mr. Lin

201404-Sunset Beach-1

The trip started when darkness had just began to fall at 7:30 the kid had dinner before arriving to fuel up for a day of fun on the beach the next day. They reached the beach and began to set up for their tents which gave them good practice as it was dark. The next day they headed out to the beach for a day of fun. They sent some scouts back from each patrol and they brought back lunch. They began building their trenches which took most of the day and afterwards the boys were excited as their game of capture the flag could begin. Then the highlight of the trip began. They worked hard the whole to day setup for a night time of excitement. Capture the flag began and yes it was at night, they divided up the scouts into their teams and the games began. Their trenches provided cover and hiding places for each team and added a lot of excitement to the games. The darkness made spotting enemies harder but hiding easier making the whole game a lot more fun for the boys. After the long day of work and games the boys headed back to eat dinner and go to bed, the next day was filled with packing. The boys were tired from their night of fun and they all agreed the trip was one that was worth while.

201404_Sunset Beach-02