Pico Blanco

Date: 7/6/14 – 7/12/14

Unit Leader: Mr. Bergstrom

SPL: Kyle M.

Written by Lionel J.

Photograph by Mr. Lin

201407-Pico Blanco-02

The Pico Blanco trip was the first time troop 103 had went to this camp, and with hopes high the scouts set foot on a new camp. Those hopes were not let down! Pico Blanco was a fun trip and with many younger scouts along the older scouts had a handful but in the end it was a great time. The weather was nice and sunny with temperatures getting pretty high in the afternoon, the nights were nice and cool which gave us some relief from the blazing sun. We set out for camp early in the morning and of course being such a great troop we arrived ahead of schedule. We got there before anyone else and even had to wait because the staff wasn’t ready! After a quick first day of introductions we prepared for the opening night campfire, which was hosted by the very enthusiastic staff of camp Pico Blanco. The night was filled with songs and skits and at the end of it the scouts were tired out and ready for bed.

201407-Pico Blanco-01

The week seemed to go by in a blur with mornings flags followed by breakfast and a full day of merit badge classes and activities. The afternoons were more relaxed but troop 103 was always up and about using their free time to try new activities and have fun. Near the end of the week came the big competition all the troops present competed against each other in desires of activities. With archery, swimming, running, knots tying, and many more activities everyone got to do something. The race came very close but we snagged 3rd place with Kia beating out another troop in swimming.     Sadly the end of the week came around and after a final campfire hosted by the SPLs of each troop and various skits preformed by the different troops. Troop 103 preformed the classic “liquid water” which we decided to do to keep the tradition alive. The next morning we said of final goodbyes to our new friends at Pico Blanco and headed home with fun memories and great new experiences.

201407-Pico Blanco-03