Written by Oscar H. and Photographed by Mr. Lin and Mrs. Tu

Date: May 17-18

Tour Leader: Mrs. Tipton-King and Mr. Doug Brown

SPL: Kyle M.

14105379240_f8356eafef_o  Sacramento train and bike4

This campout wasn’t any ordinary troop outing; instead of the usual drivers, the scouts had to wake up extra early to catch a ride on the train. Everyone expected it to be a hassle getting all the trains on, but it ran smoother than expected since the train had plenty of bike racks all over. And as the scouts arrived at Sacramento by train, the adults drove up with the packs since there wasn’t enough room in the train.
Sacramento train and bike3

After everyone arrived, we biked along the bike trail for a while until we hit camp, then we set up our tents and ate our sack lunches. Everyone was pumped to go biking and enjoy the rest of the day, but there was also a river where the scouts could swim in first, then bike afterwards. The trail was extremely long, but the scouts covered a lot of miles in just a few hours. By evening everyone was exhausted and we ate a somewhat fancy dinner of chili dogs and hamburgers. There were multiple skits and songs at the campfire as well as some hot, crunchy s’mores, and that it seemed to be very entertaining.
The next day we biked to the town next to the train station where the scouts had free time for an hour to go roam the shops. We boarded the train and arrived back home in a few hours. The trip was quite extraordinary compared to the other campouts since this one involved biking and swimming in a river. It was much more fun and most scouts would agree that another bike trip next year would be practically essential.