Castle Rock

Date: March 22-23, 2014

Tour Leader: Mr. Lin

SPL: Ethan L.

Written by: Lionel J.

Photographed by Mr. Lin


The early bird gets the worm and for this trip they were no slouch leaving at 7:30 for a full day of backpacking and hiking. The scouts headed to castle rock and place for modest backpackers looking for some fun out in nature, the scouts stopped for some doughnuts on the way up for breakfast to treat themselves before they started their trek. Upon arrival they were greeted with sunny skies, and with the scouts ready to get going they set out on their roughly seven mile journey. They were able to see beautiful views which made their hardworking worthwhile, for lunch they had pack lunches to eat while on the trail and after were soon back on their journey. After their long day of hiking the campsite was a site for sore eyes and the scouts quickly went to working preparing dinner for their patrols. After dinner was over and their stomachs were filled their got ready for a well earned nights rest. Next morning was busy busy as the got to work on taking down tents and packing up for the ride back to the comforts of their own homes. The trip was short but sweet and most scouts agreed that it was a great introduction to backpacking and they would recommend it for one of next years campouts.