Written by Oscar H. and Photographed by Mr. Lin and Mr. Young

Date: Feb. 28- Mar. 2

Tour Leader: Mr. Chen

SPL: Cody

The Iditarod campout turned out to be a lot better than we had planned. We had to wake up a bit earlier than usual to get to the camp, set up, and still have plenty of time to have fun.

We arrived at about ten in the morning, quickly set up our tents and sleeping bags, and got to work finishing up our sleds. Most of the groups weren’t finished, but thanks to the power drills Cody brought, we finished building all the sleds within an hour. After that we ate lunch, cleaned up, and headed off to the snow park where the sled race would take place.


The race was intense and full of suspense; we organized the race into a tournament and at the end, the winner would race against the adults. After the race, we just messed around in the snow for a few hours. We made snowballs, had a snowball fight, rode down some steep hill on our sleds, or just rolled around in the snow.

We got back to the campsite at around five in the evening and we cooked a nice, hot dinner with dutch ovens. They took a while to cook, but the food was nice in the end so it was worth the wait.

In the end, the sleds were torn apart and used to build a bonfire. Unexpectedly, we were able to build an extraordinarily tall fire that burned just off the sled parts and a few matches.

The next morning we got up, packed up, ate breakfast, and left right away. It was definitely a good trip and worth spending the time building the sleds, even if we did burn it at the end. I would no doubt recommend another snow campout next year.