20131018 Pinnacle 11

Written by Ethan L.

Photographed by Ms. Tu, Mr. Lin and Mr. Young

Tour Leader: Mr. Lin

SPL: Ethan L.

Date: 2013 Oct. 18-20

20131018 Pinnacle 1

Although the Pinnacles campout was extremely close to being cancelled with the government being shut down, with fate on our side we still were able to go because the government had just reopened in time.

20131018 Pinnacle 3

The night before the Rim of Bay hike, we set up camp at Pinnacles Campground, did a couple announcements, moved food into the bear box, and then went to sleep.

20131018 Pinnacle 10 20131018 Pinnacle 2 20131018 Pinnacle 7 20131018 Pinnacle 6

On Saturday morning, we woke up, ate breakfast, prepared lunch,  and then headed over to the trail head of the High Peak to Bear Gulch Loop. We had a good start, with a pace that would finish our six mile hike within three hours. However, soon enough we had to take a break. After about one and half hours, we had lunch for about an hour and then came back down to the Bear Gulch cave. By then almost everyone was running low on water and but with a nice cool environment inside the cave we weren’t as thirsty. We finished up and went back to camp.

20131018 Pinnacle 5

We had a quick catch the flag match and performed two skits after dinner. Mr. Lin rewarded us with delicious pineapple upside-down cake. We also had some free time to play card games before we went to sleep.

The next day we packed up and went back home. The experience was fun and I think that we should do another Pinnacles hike again soon.

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