What I Remember the Most About Our

Russian River Canoe Trip 

Written by Jacob N. and photographed by Mr. Lin

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Date: September 20-22, 2013

Tour Leader: Mr. Noonan

SPL: Rohan S.

I remember a lot of good things that happened during the Russian River Canoe trip. We left on Friday night, Sept 20th,2013, and we got there in the dark at around 9.p.m. It was raining hard and was very cold when we set up tents. However, I‘m use to cold weather, but not everyone else was. On Saturday, it was still raining with lighting, so we couldn’t go on the river that day, and I felt disappointed that we couldn’t get into the canoes. I really wanted to go. Instead, the scouts took a vote on what to do and we all went to the movies and saw Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. We thought it was a really great movie,and on Sunday the weather was perfectly clear. We packed up sandwiches and water guns with us. After packing at camp, we got inside the canoes and went down the river. We had an endless amount of fun on the trip we had an epic water gun battle!!! And we all got soaked. Only a couple of canoes tipped over, but everyone was ok. On the next canoeing adventure I hope we all go!!!