Written by Ethan L. and Photographed by Mr. Young

Date: Oct 11-12  2013

Tour Leader: Mr. Young

SPL: Nathan K.

20131011 Santa Cruz-1

The boardwalk campout was interesting because of the fact that a multitude of other troops were there, and that that everybody stayed the night inside the Boardwalk. Furthermore, there was only a set schedule for the night before and in the morning. Otherwise, we had full capability to roam around enjoy ourselves with the variety of rides, games, and other forms of entertainment. In the permission slip, a reason why there was a required amount of money was so that the person going received a free pass, which gave access to the rides for free, and for the scout to enter the boardwalk.

20131011 Santa Cruz-320131011 Santa Cruz-2

For planned events, we arrived the night before. We went inside the boardwalk, had passes attached to our wrists, set up camp, and went down to the boardwalk itself. After a quick dinner, the scouts got free time to go inside the arcade free of charge, though for a limited time only. Afterwards, there was a skit night on the theater, so each troop performed at least one skit. Then we saw a movie, before coming back to camp and going to sleep.

20131011 Santa Cruz-5

In the morning, we woke up and went down to the dining area to get our breakfast. Then we had more free time to play video games while another group of scouts went to sign up for the sand castle competition. Even though we didn’t win at first, we worked together as a troop and did our best, receiving a good win of fourth place. After that, we got explore the boardwalk, go on rides, play games, or virtually anything else we wanted to do. Afterwards, we came back to the cars and drove back. Even with all of the sand inside your shoes, it was a great experience and should be done again.

20131011Santa Cruz-4