Written and photographed by Mrs. Tipton-King


We really had a blast on the HAT trip. I suppose I ought to be more detailed in the telling. Bottom line, however, is that nobody got hurt or ill. Roy got sick before we left, so he did not go. Other than that, we had a smooth trip.


Lassen was beautiful. We hiked to the Devil’s Kitchen and across this beautiful meadow the first day, and saw mud pots and fumerols. We stopped by the summit parking lot and played in the snow a bit, before moving onto our campsite. We had a very late dinner (since we hiked and then traveled the entire park road) of chili made from scratch, which was good. We discovered some scouts did not really have a lot of cooking and cutting experience, nor dish washing skills either. That was okay – they learned. I must say we were a bit surprised. Let’s hope they all learned to cook a lot better and how to efficiently do dishes without grossing out the dish water after this trip. I am hoping they will bring their new knowledge back to their patrols. We had wild raining weather as well.


Lava Beds is always a great place. The scouts were liberated and really enjoyed the adventure of the caves. This stretched their sense of adventure and it was fun! The weather was also better.


Rafting was a blast! That was the perfect trip for them, and they will be ready for more now. The guides were super and fun. We white water rafted, jumped off rocks, white water swam… And had a very nice end of trip banquet. We also enjoyed volley ball and endless fries too.


I can’t speak for the Crater Lake and last night camping at Castle Crags, but Kyle can.


There were no behavior issues and everyone got along. We were under budget the entire time, so I expect parents to all receive a refund. They’ll like that.

Kyle did an awesome job as SPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Karter and Konnor rock the planet as ASMs, and so did the tried and true intrepid HAT adults. I have got to say without Peter, my long time HAT buddy, none of these trips would be possible. Ed and then Terry did a great job of being treasurer and bookkeeper. Victor and Rohit were great drivers (as long as you do not let them go to the dark side of GPS) and super to have!!

We think we have the next generation of HAT scouts!!!!!