Troop 103 has always had a very good Scouting for Food program, especially this year included. Below are the numbers for this year. We had a good collection of 7,678 total pieces. That is a 28% increase over last year’s 6,003. Since 1996, this was our 5th largest total. We have not come close to our pre-financial crash totals of 2008 and struggled the past few years, so it was good to get over 7,000 again.

A couple of factors helped this year: We had good results at Nob Hill with the aid of the rain. More people are home on a rainy Saturday. And of course the high energy and thorough effort of the scouts and parents.

Cans Glass
4052 291 3335 7678

Also, because of the size of our collection, we are now sent directly to the Alameda Food bank in Oakland. One thing cool thing about being unloaded at their dock is that my wing man, Mr. Delang, and I get to see how many pounds we bring in. Last year we were over 5,000 pounds. This year we brought in 6,524 pounds of donated products.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

— Mr. Muldoon