Garin Park Campout
By Ethan L.
This February we had one campout which was the Garin Park Campout. We left on February 18 at around 8 0’clock in the morning. This time however, we arrived at our destination in just 30 minutes! After setting up our tents we went on an Orienteering Course on the Hills next to our campsite. After about 3 hours, when everyone was finally done, we ate lunch, and worked on the Totin’ Chip and Fireman Chit for those that needed it. Then in the evening we ate dinner, and afterward had a camp fire. After we had all finished dinner and cleaned up we went down to the field and played capture the flag and this other game (I can’t remember the name, I think it might be something like 5 minutes to Mexico) involving a few people with flashlights. The people with flashlights would move the lights around in patterns and the others would try to get across without being caught by the light. Afterwards we went to sleep. The next morning we ate breakfast and built another fire, then it was time to leave so we packed up, loaded the trailer, did a trash sweep, made some announcements, did an ending prayer, and left. This was a very fun campout and one of the only times our troop has done an actual orienteering course (during the time that we have been in scouting).
I would like to thank Roy H. for substituting as historian for I did not attend the campout.