Cook Off Campout

By T103 Historian-Ethan L.

The campout took place in Los Mochos, near Livermore, from Saturday to Sunday. It was mandatory for anyone volunteering in Webelos woods to come. We Left in the morning, and arrived at about 10 am. Lunch officially began at around noon, which was when the cook off was. Justin and I (a.k.a. Black Dragons) decided to cook something simple, because we could not use a stove, we could only use an open flame. we had to use an open flame. We did not win, the Flying Eagles won. After the cook off, the testing of the Webelos woods campout began. We cycled through multiple activities, doing them around the soccer field. when we came back, the cook off was over, so we were permitted to use stoves, which made things much quicker when we were cooking. Afterward, we went to a campfire with the common songs and skits. Finally, we went to sleep and left in the morning. When we came back, everybody took troop equipment home.