Mystery Trip of 2011

By T103 Historian-Ethan L.

For the Troop 103 Mystery trip, we went to some abandoned gun batteries near San Francisco. We started at Bart. We took a bus to an area closer to the coast. We walked a short distance near an old swimming pool that existed in the early 20 century but burnt down after a fire. From there, we hiked for 10.2 miles, and then went to the gun batteries. At the gun batteries, the older scouts were free running, jumping up walls and over things. Younger scouts were sort of wandering around, I suppose you could say, exploring. After this, we hiked a small portion of the Golden Gate Bridge. We came back and went onto two buses, two different groups because the bus could not hold our entire troop. Group 1 was a lot more crammed than group two because we tried to cram as much people as we could in Group 1 and left the rest of the people to Group 2. I was group one, so I used inductive reasoning in comparing the sizes of the two Groups. Afterward, we hiked a shorter distance and went to the Sea Scout base in San Francisco, small compared to the surrounding buildings in the area. There were two groups, younger scouts and older scouts. Younger scout was classified as under first class, and older scouts were first class and above. I couldn’t really say what group I was supposed to be in, because I was on the brink of moving up the rank. The leadership had decided that I was close enough to be able to go with the older scouts since I already had my Scoutmaster’s Conference, but not my Board of Review. The older scouts went on a merchant ship built in the 1890s. We had an explanation of the rules, like no running on the ship, and requirements on how we got to the bathroom. We had a challenge of moving a barrel from the boat to the dock only using rope and a mast. We spent a long time attempting to move the barrel from one place to another, which was quite tedious, but we got the job done. From the experience, we learned certain parts of ships which we did not learn during any boating merit badges. Early in the morning, we got a cup of hot chocolate and some time to explore a limited area of the boat. The younger scouts went to two places, Ghirardelli and an arcade museum, the night before. They each got 6 dollars to spend at the museum on games, with the following opinion from a scout, “The older arcade games were the best”. They also went to Ghirardelli to have ice cream afterward. In the morning, we went and met at the Sea Scout base for breakfast and afterward went to the bus. From there, we walked and soon arrived at the Bart station, where we waited for our second group to arrive. When we arrived Fremont, we went to the school to claim our personal gear, took some food, and listened to announcements. We also attempted to take our claim on the leftover pizza and other goodies. The pizza was almost diminished instantaneously; while everything else (especially the salad) was left almost completely untouched. The people who got the remaining slices of pizza (including me) enjoyed it while the majority who did not get pizza wondered why they had missed out on the pizza. The mystery trip was a trip that I didn’t think any of us guessed right. It was the best mystery trip I have been to so far. Parts of the mystery trip were not hiking. Some parts we would take buses and, at the beginning and end, Bart. We truly hiked 6.3 miles, but the total distance was 10.2 miles.

Here are photos from Mr. Carter:
Mystery Photos from Mr. Carter

Thanks to Mr. Carter, here is the link to the Geolog:
Geolog of Mr. Carter’s pictures

Here is a overview of the mystery trip route from the link above Overview of the Mystery Trip route

I would like to acknowledge Mr. Carter for supplying me with some basic information on this campout, and Ashwin for providing me with information on the activities the younger scouts did.