Once every two or three years, we have a Mystery Trip. It was always a trip shrouded with mysteries, excitement, anticipation, and secrecy. To begin with, the trip leader would not announce the trip destination until the last week before the trip. He always gave out clues in the weeks ahead, but you had to guess the final destination. The trip always packed with activities, that we had seldom done. Some of the activities bordered on the side of adventure

Many of the trips turned out to be very memorable. For example, one trip we went to San Francisco and spent a whole day criss-crossing different neighborhoods and landmarks, enjoying different cultures, and tasting every delicacy. Next morning, we worshiped in a Greek Orthodox Church and observed different custom and culture. Another trip we went to Monterrey Bay for whale watching. We encountered a freak storm the night before with thunder, lightning, and hails. We took shelter in our tent feeling wet and trembling. Luckily, the sun was out the next day. We lay down on the deck of the cruise, sun bathed in the warm ocean breeze, rode on fifteen feet swells, and searched for waterspout from the distant whale. (See other Mystery Trips) The image was so memorable and fresh that seemed like yesterday.

Let’s fast forward to this coming Mystery Trip. Here is a prelude to the event and the clues to the Mystery Trip

Clues for Mystery Trip 2011

1 10/17/2011 Begins with a “B”, Ends with an “A”
2 10/24/2011 1 is by Land
2 is by Sea
3 is by Land
4 is by Sea
3 10/31/2011 This is not just for power but for crawling over!
4 11/7/2011 We walk into this location but climb out by ladder
5 11/14/2011 On our journey, we will be at the “END” but will not be finished yet!
6 11/14/2011 If you are not careful, we may be painting a rock with you.
7 11/21/2006 Vacation break. Sorry!  No clue!
8 11/28/2006 This overnight spot was prominently featured in a classic movie!
9 12/5/2006 One of the places we are hiking thru is also the name of a line of clothing
10 12/12/2006 “The area we will be in is named after a religious figure”