Bike Campout – Sacramento
September 20, 2008

After a very long, enduring, drive on the freeway, the scouts finally drove into Camp Pollock. A scout camp that just happened to be in Sacramento and along the river. While trying to find the campsite, the scouts discovered a lake! Unfortuantely, they weren’t on the camp anymore. It was very small (probably a little bit smaller than Warm Springs School for you visual learners). Robbie said he would ride his bike into the lake later. The scouts created a pyramid tent consisting of three tents and a tarp. After eating a very healthy lunch, the scouts took off down the rode on a very diverse set of BICYCLES (what were you expecting, horses?). Anyway, the scouts rode long and hard on a surprisingly paved road.

Finally, the scouts reached Old Town Sacramento, where they rode over to the visitor’s center. We tethered our bikes at the horse’s hitching post(well not really, we just let them sit there) while the adults and our illustrious SPL entered the visitor’s center. Surprisingly enough, the bikes were also sitting outside an air conditioned candy store(hmmm… I don’t think I need to explain this one). Finally the adults and SPL came back and we headed off to a military museum. Outside, we tethered out bikes to the hitching posts. Inside this museum was old war outfits, weapons, model replicas of boats, etc. Almost anything you could think of when you think about a war. Then, there was a basement! In the basement was more of the same stuff (Guns, creepy mannequins, and model replicas). And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a large library down here! The book “How to Make a War” began the chicken scenes for the campout (don’t ask).

When finished here, we rode over to the Capitol! We biked around it once, and then parked the bikes and went inside. Inside we walked around and looked at stuff. We went to the basement (another one) and then we went to the third floor! Here you can view the State Assembly chamber from above. It was pretty cool, especially the gargoyle. In the ceiling is a small gargoyle statue instead of a leaf, it was supposed to protect the building from destruction. Then, we were going to enter the Senate chamber, but they were in session so we couldn’t. After this, we got back on our bikes and rode over to the mall. We looked around here for twenty minutes before heading back towards camp. On the way we stopped in another museum where we played fun games. After this we rode back to the camp and prepared for dinner. Two scouts went and checked out the lake and found a perfect place for Robbie to ride in. After dinner of spaghetti, garlic bread, and drinks all around, we started the cobbler and then went biking around the lake (everyone this time). However, Robbie wimped out and didn’t go in the lake (otherwise we would have some really cool footage.

After this, we ate our cobbler and prepared for our campfire with the other troop (Troop 111 was camping there too). We had an epic campfire. However, all of our skits seemed to have some reoccurring joke. I can’t quite remember what it was though. Now, that I think about it, the whole campout had the same reoccurring joke. Now what was it?

After [the] campfire, we played an epic game of capture the flag. Troop 111 had about twenty little short kids, while we had six taller teenagers. We were { } this close to winning. But then it was like Starcraft and the little kids were Zerglings as they swarmed us and won. After CTF, we played an epic game of Apples to Apples, but somehow not as epic as the last time we played and almost got kicked out of the Marin Youth Hostel.

The next morning, we packed up after eating an epicly epic breakfast of pancakes. Then we drove home and had fun. The Word of the Campout is: CHICKEN(what a surprise!).

James H., Troop Historian