Mt. Tamalpais ROB Hike
March 16, 2008

After several hours of driving, we finally reached the mountain, then drove to the top and back down again for apparently no reason other than that of a mistaken map. Stupid maps always making mistakes all the time. So then we started to hike down to the beach, but were stopped and then, realizing we had went the wrong way, turned around and started hiking up the mountain. After a ways we reached the really cool amphitheater and rested here before continuing on. After a few hours of hiking, bridges, trolls, running, and writing a ridiculous story (which can be read by anyone who wants to), we reached the Inn.Here we stopped and ate lunch. After about half an hour, we started up again.

After a little while more, we reached the parking lot below the summit. For some reason it felt like we had been there before, as in just about 10:13 that morning. Hmmm… must be hackers. Once we finally reached the top, we stayed there for about an hour and a half, then took pictures, and walked down. By the time we reached the cars and got home, it was about five o’ clock! That was probably the latest hike we’ve ever been on.

James H., Troop Historian