Patrol Cook-off – Sunol
February 8, 2008

As usual we got to the school, prepared, and left. Once we arrived, we quickly unloaded the trailer and set up lanterns and tents. Then many of the scouts played a rousing game of Mao.

The next day, after breakfast and before activities, Mr. “A” asked the scouts what the secret word was. The secret word was on the permission slip, in the part that the scouts had to sign meaning that they read it. So, therefore, if you had read it, you would know what the secret word was. Only two scouts knew it for sure, and one was close. As a reward, they got pudding cups. Yah! Go Pudding Cups! Mr. A also said that if anyone could tell him the number that was related to the word, they would also be rewarded. So the scouts got some maps from the visitor’s center and by then other scouts had already found the number. Then the whole troop set off for Injun Joe caves (Note: Remember, it’s INJUN Joe not INDIAN Joe. Remember that, now). However, the “caves” was more like a large pile of rocks that you climb around. The only “cave” that could be found was a large hole in the rocks, with the “table” in it. The scouts had fun climbing all around it and on top of it, and such things like that.

After a while, they all got tired and bored and headed back to camp for lunch. After the scouts ate lunch, a couple of them headed towards the nearby stream—(We know what’s going to happen) and started building a bridge (told you). Obviously, the scouts came back to camp with wet shoes and pants (predictable). However, two scouts adventured farther down the river, climbing across at every opportunity, until it was time to head back to start dinner at three in afternoon (that’s right Three o’ clock). Since there wasn’t many scouts (about 12 or so) there were only two patrols and therefore, only two meals the judges had to endure.

One patrol made stew, the other made shish kabobs. There were four courses of the meal, Main course, bread, side, and dessert. Unfortunately, for both groups, they were missing part of the meal. The first patrol, the stewish (stew) ones, had stew for their main course, stew for their side dish, cornbread for their bread course, and stew for their dessert. The second patrol, the pokey people (kabobs), had kabobs for their main course, something else for their side dish, cornbread for their bread, and Lemonade for dessert. For some reason the judges didn’t think that lemonade could be considered dessert, but that stew could be considered for all three, except bread.

Someone accidentally spilled some ipecac syrup into the food, which made Mr. A have a fit outside the judges easy-up. Then the winners were announced! It turns out that the stew group got first place. The prize for everyone was a neckerchief slide, but the winning group got fake, stick-on mustaches. However, since there was so few scouts, everyone got a mustache! Yah! Go mustaches and pudding cups! The only difference was that the second place got a red slide, and the first place got a blue slide. Then Mr. A made a joke about first place scouts being cub scouts because their color was blue, and second place was boy scouts because theirs was red. Then, everyone cleaned up, tried to start a campfire, that never really got very big, and eventually went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone woke up, ate breakfast, packed up, and left. Then the same normal, “Who’s going to the trailer?” scene occurred at the school, then everyone went home and … yeah, that’s it. The word to remember is Injun Joe.

James H., Troop Historian