Marin Youth Hostel
December 8, 2007

We met at the school early on Saturday morning. We did the standard attendance, and car arrangements. Then we took off for a two-hour drive up to the Marin Headlands. Since we couldn’t go to the hostel until at least 3:30, we decided to have some fun doing other activities first. We arrived at the Marin Headlands at about 10:00 AM. We started by visiting the always fun, military gun batteries. For a few hours all the scouts had fun exploring underneath, playing games, or hiking to the odd building out on the peninsula. Then we had to leave and visit the other two, less fun, batteries. Here some scouts took some amazing pictures of graffiti and poses.

We then traveled to the Marin Headlands Visitor Center. Here we learned that the beach was closed, and that made some scouts sad. We hung out here for a while. Some scouts played with blocks, some built a butterfly puzzle, and still others threw sugar packets around. Then we ate lunch outside on the picnic tables. Finally at about 12:30ish we went to the Nike Missile Site, where we learned all about missiles and the cold war. We also got to ride the missile elevator up and down, like we did before. Then we had about one more hour to kill, so we decided to go visit the lighthouse with the crazy suspension bridge. After this we still had a little more time to kill so we hung around the fun battery for about twenty more minutes.

Then we went to the hostel where we checked in, unpacked, and, had fun. For the next couple of hours the scouts hung out in the living room, played the piano, played in the game room, or did stuff outside. It was overall very fun. Then we had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread. For desert we had cake because it was David and Daniel’s birthday (or close to it). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Then the scouts did basically the same thing, all night long. Some scouts almost got thrown out for being noisy upstairs (they know who they are, Bad Scouts). Then, we all went to bed.

The next morning we woke up, packed, ate breakfast of pastries and oranges, loaded up the cars, did our chores, and left. We got back to the school before noon, which is amazing for a two-hour drive. (APPLES 2 APPLES RULES!!!)

James H., Troop Historian