Iron Scout Challenge
September 14, 2007

Friday night, we met at the school at about seven. After getting a some equipment dropped off, we left. When we reached Los Mochos, we had to go all the way up to Mansinita Flats, where we set up camp. We had cracker barrel and then went to sleep.

In the morning, we awoke, ate breakfast (omelet in a bag), attended flags, and transformed into TAWSDNFS (Team Alpha Wolf Special Delta Ninja Fighter Squadron #69). The patrol’s costume was very complicated including: T-shirt ninja masks, Tactical vests, Capes, 10 essentials, Paint, Camo Pants and shirt, PVC Spartan spears, and the flag w/ council patch, patrol name, pirate flag, and all BLUE ribbons. First, TAWSDNFS went to shotgun. Our scores were 3/5 and 1/5. Next we had to go all the way to the rifle range for black powder. Scores there included 4/4 and 2/4. Then we traveled the path down to archery, where scores didn’t count for anything. Finally we went to tomahawks (and for some strange reason the range master looked familiar). TAWSDNFS decided to head back up for lunch. Lunch consisted of ham sandwiches, grapes and chips.

After lunch we went over to animal identification (the person in charge of this event looked familiar, too). TAWSDNFS then went to First Aid, and then compass. During Compass, we traversed through many areas of camp, and only the last attempt to find the post was successful. Now, TAWSDNFS was tired and wanted to do something more fun. We went down to Pioneering, where we help set up a monkey bridge. We were faced with many difficult challenges which were cross the bridge, then backwards, blindfolded, blindfolded backwards, two at once (without touching), two at once with blindfolds, underneath, timed (best was five seconds), two at once blindfolded backwards, then one blindfolded (normal) and one underneath. As you can see we had too much fun with this particular event. When we couldn’t think of anything else challenging to do on it, we went up to see about the iron skillet (a cook off). We were handed two packs of ramen, and a package of liquidy, frozen mechanically separated turkey, before deciding not to do it. Dinner was spaghetti and garlic bread.

The campfire was interesting. TAWSDNFS was the only one to do skits. After campfire we didn’t do any capture the flag because there wasn’t enough people. We then went to bed.

The next morning we woke up, packed, and ate muffins, grapes, cookies, etc. After breakfast, we attended a little ceremony. The leader announced the winners. TAWSDNFS had first place in everything! We were the only ones with costumes, we had great yells, and we were awesome in all of the events. Unfortunately, we didn’t get ribbons, we got a 6 pound 10 ounce can of nacho cheese. We then drove home.

Remember: TAWSDNFS = Team Alpha Wolf Special Delta Ninja Fighter Squadron #69.

James H., Troop Historian