Boating Trip to Del Valle
September 22, 2007

The troop met at the school and loaded up the trailer. Then we set off towards Del Valle. When we finally reached it, there was a booth that we needed to pay at. Then we made a wrong turn, but finally found the docks. The trailer was unloaded in the rain, and everyone got their packs and a box. We had to hike half of a mile to reach the campsite. Once tents were set up, the scouts hiked back to the trailer where they unloaded canoes and kayaks. The troop cast off from the docks and canoed up the lake to the camp. Then we had a lunch break.

After lunch some scouts went out kayaking and canoeing. A few people became stranded on the other shore. Later on, two canoes went back down to the docks to collect firewood. After that everyone stopped boating and decided to rest. Dinner was amazing for some scouts. After dinner we had a campfire with some amazing skits. Then everyone went to sleep because there were too many gopher holes in the ground to play capture the flag.

The next morning people awoke to screaming. One scout decided to scream all morning, for no reason. Tents were packed up and breakfast was eaten. One patrol had pancakes for breakfast. They had a fun cleanup time. Then we packed our boxes and packs back out the half-mile to the trailer. Six scouts returned for the canoes that the adults had not taken. Then we had scouts worship service. After that we got into the cars and drove off to the school. There we did the usual gear check and who’s going to the trailer. Then we got to go home!

James H., Troop Historian