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Two Eagle Court-of-Honors were held this month. On the 5th for Andrew Mitscha and on the 12th for David Carson.

On the 19th and 20th the troop headed off to an unknown destination for the long anticipated Mystery Trip (see clue below). After taking a ferry, light rail, bus, cable cars and seeing the sights of San Francisco the troop arrived at Camp Ida Smith for the night. The next day found them swimming, taking more public transportaion and eventually getting back to Fremont via BART.


Clues for Mystery Trip 2007

110/2/2006Done as a Pirate skit…

This compass shows you where you want to go most.
210/16/2006A famous duel between former fiends took place at our camp site. The duel was not meant to be fatal but it was.
310/23/2006Your ability to read, use a compass, and map are paramont! Here is a clue to your heart抯 desire:

+ 41 minutes is the important thing to add at our point of departure, from the Golden Gate Bridge at 8:14 in the morning.
410/30/2006This place was opened in 1890 as a school for young ladies, catering to young wealthly women. But several year later it closed. It changed hands numerous times and was remodeled and opened as an (unnamed) hotel (in an unnamed place) in 1980. BUT it is apparently haunted by the women who started the school. This ghost lurks on the forth floor and is seen as a misty figure. A helpful one. It has been known to unpack luggage, replace dropped pillows and even tuck guests in.
511/6/2006It was 1849-51 and in this particular place the politicians and riffraff ruled the courts and there were many murders but the criminals mostly escaped punishment. So the people rose up and formed a committee for vigilance.

And so it was one day at a cove named after an Australian city, that a man named John walked deliberately into a merchants store, picked up the small safe, carried it to a boat at a nearby wharf and coolly rowed out into a bay. The alarm was given, and a number of merchants pursued and overtook the man. He threw the safe overboard. John was brought back and taken to a building that occupied a corner where an insurance building is now located. The prisoner was duly tried by a jury and condemned to be hanged.

The impromptu Vigilance Committee wasted no time, and the execution took place the same night at 2 a.m. This prompt action had its effect on the criminal class, and for a while they remained under cover.
611/13/2006In the area we will be in;

There once was a small valley of pastures.

There, a large animal was pastured in the area.

Due to the complaints of the nearby residents, the

area was transformed to something more postive and now a well known locale.
711/27/2006Here you might meet many famous and infamous people. Tonight抯 clue is about one of them and a related hint to a place where you might meet this person:

He began his animator career in 1975, early enough to learn at the side of the great artists of the Golden Age of Hollywood animation. Since then he has worked on Walt Disney Classics such as The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King. In 1995 he helped set up DreamWorks Animation Unit and worked on the award-winning film Shrek.
812/4/2006In the locale we are going to:

On 12/24, A new American Christmas tradition was started that became one America’s most beloved Christmas traditions.
912/11/2006A clue from a historical diary:

and in the morning of August 20th we saw from the ship the remains of an old fort, now nearly levelled with the ground; on the left the land rose more gradually, lifting up into mountains in the distance, and stretching off to where the peaks of the “Sierra Nevadas” were just visible, their snowy caps dotting the horizon.  Passing Bird island on which, and flying around it were thousands of Pelicans; we saw the great fleet of deserted vessels.

(and later)
…Money must be plenty here thought I, when the boatmen charged me a dollar and a half for setting me ashore not ten minutes pull from the ship.
1012/18/2006At this location there is a landmark.  The land mark is made to resemble:

A base, a tower like-object (Mr. Fahl) and when it is turned on there is water splashing up at the tower and a light moving back and forth.  At this land mark a famous opera star from Italy gave a free public performance to the citizens and pretty much everyone turned out to witness it.

Some joined in the singing.

It was a lotta fun.
1101/08/2007In a town in Persia there dwelt two brothers, one named Cassim, the other Ali Baba. Cassim was married to a rich wife and lived in plenty, while Ali Baba had to maintain his wife and children by cutting wood in a neighboring forest and selling it in the town.

One day, when Ali Baba was in the forest, he saw a troop of men on horseback, coming toward him in a cloud of dust. He was afraid they were robbers, and climbed into a tree for safety. When they came up to him and dismounted, he counted forty of them. They unbridled their horses and tied them to trees.

The finest man among them, whom Ali Baba took to be their captain, went a little way among some bushes, and said, “Open, Sesame!” so plainly that Ali Baba heard him.

A door opened in the rocks, and having made the troop go in, he followed them, and the door shut again of itself. They stayed some time inside, and Ali Baba, fearing they might come out and catch him, was forced to sit patiently in the tree. At last the door opened again, and the Forty Thieves came out. As the Captain went in last he came out first, and made them all pass by him; he then closed the door, saying, “Shut, Sesame!”

Every man bridled his horse and mounted, the Captain put himself at their head, and they returned as they came.

Then Ali Baba climbed down and went to the door concealed among the bushes, and said, “Open, Sesame!” and it flew open.

Ali Baba, who expected a dull, dismal place, was greatly surprised to find it large and well lighted, hollowed by the hand of man in the form of a vault, which received the light from an opening in the ceiling. He saw rich bales of merchandise — silk, stuff-brocades, all piled together, and gold and silver in heaps, and money in leather purses. He went in and the door shut behind him. He did not look at the silver, but brought out as many bags of gold as he thought his donkeys, which were browsing outside, could carry, loaded them with the bags, and hid it all.

Using the words, “Shut, Sesame!” he closed the door and went home.

Then he drove his donkeys into the yard, shut the gates, carried the money-bags to his wife, and emptied them out before her. He bade her keep the secret, and he would go and bury the gold.

1201/29/2007In the area we will be in, there originally were native indians in the area. Their stories helped define their spiritual and philosophical belief systems, and their conception of the world order. One of their stories concerns a creation myth that begins with the demise of a previous world:

When it was destroyed, the world was covered entirely in water, apart from a single peak in the area on which Coyote, Hummingbird, and Eagle stood.

“When the water rose to their feet” the eagle carried them all to another peak in the area where they waited “for the water to go down” and the world to dry out.

Coyote was sent to investigate and found it was dry now and safe. Another story talks about the creation of these native American People.
1302/05/2007Some of you will visit an Octupus’ Garden in the shade and at the same place a garden of more terrestrial delights.
1402/12/2007Parts of California was discovered by all types of people of European Background.

In the area we are going to, this explorer was looking for one place and found another. A not uncommon occurrence with explorers!

Due to his discovery, he has had a middle school named after him.

By the way, during World War II, a United States Liberty ship was also named after him!

Remember for those of you who are former Tiger Cubs.

“Search, Discover and Share!”

1502/26/2007Did you know that in Bombay, you can lick some mighty fine Cardamon Rose, Chiku, Flalooda, Mango, Fig and other flavors of iced delights?
1603/12/2007It’s a football or basketball game,

The crowd cheers:

“Go Purple Pumas!”, “Go Purple Pumas!”

A voice calls out: “Wait! That’s not our mascot!”

Another voice calls out, “But….It almost was!”
1703/19/2007Some of you will meet the Queen of the Heavens and the Goddess of the Seven Seas

(yo ho)

While others may shake a very cold hand.
Click on photos for a larger version
1904/02/2007We are going to a place where you might share a bench with a rat and a goat.
2004/16/2007When is a native NOT a native?
2104/23/2007Some of you may go to a place where–In days gone by this would have been a great place to take a dip.

But we抣l take a dip in another location.
2205/07/2007And then the two of them came on
thru the enormous meadow
which was the meadow of the world
and then
at a very still spot where the trees dreamed
and seemed to have been waiting thru all time
for them
they sat down together on the grass
without looking at each other
and ate oranges.
Pirates: This compass doesn’t work!
Captain: Sure it does, it point to where your heart desires.
Pirates: Ayyeeeeeeee!
(there was money tossed out)