Moaning Caverns
January 12, 2007

We arrived at the place, it was dark and cold. Many wanted to stay in the cars but we all still got out and managed to set up our tents without losing any fingers. After a short PLC and cracker barrel we were all glad to climb into our tents and sleep. In the morning a few people climbed out of their bags early to see a dot fly across the sky (The International Space Station). Some smart scouts who wanted to stay warm, didn’t get out of their tents, just looked through the door while still in their bags. When the rest of the scouts finally crawled out of their bags, they jumped right back in! It was freezing! Literally! After putting on a few more layers of thermal underwear, shirts, pants, etc. the scouts climbed out again. The scouts were done eating breakfast very fast. Many scouts with numb feet and toes went for a “walk” (more like paced up and down the road). After breakfast people got ready for their adventures.

One group set off on a mysterious and exciting adventure into a gold mine and they also had fun rafting through an underground lake, crawling through small space, etc.

In the second group, three brave scouts and two brave adults repelled into a vast cave with formations everywhere. One scout and one adult weren’t as foolish and decided to walk down the really, really, really long staircase. Once all the scouts and adults were safe underground, and the guide came down, we were ready to explore.

We passed the really long drop, and even got to explore a few areas that we didn’t get to last time. We got our meat grinded, got squeezed like a pancake, and visited some roaches at the roach motel, and we climbed up a nose, too. At the end we all had fun and got wedgies, except for Mr. Fahl who decided that he didn’t want to “slide” down the hill.

When we went outside it was nice and warm (compared to the morning, YES IT WAS). We took off our miner’s suits and went back to camp and changed. Since the second group was not back yet, we decided to start lunch without them. We also discovered that we had no fruit or anything to drink. After that was settled we took a trip into Columbia, where we got some drinks and some candy, and we also picked up some wood, too. By the time we got back, it was time to start dinner. After a long dinner and cleanup, we eventually got the fire started. When the fire was over everybody went to bed. In the morning everyone got up and it was still freezing, but it seemed a little bit warmer than the day before. After breakfast, cleanup, tearing down camp, and scout’s own, we were all grateful to climb into the nice, warm cars, and to set off towards home.

James H., Troop Historian