Shooting Sports
December 8, 2006

We all got to the school at about 6:30. It was only sprinkling a little, but we weren’t worried. After switching the packs and boxes so that the backpacks wouldn’t get wet, we set off. The route was changed, apparently, so a few cars got lost. After waiting at Los Mochos for about twenty minutes the missing cars arrived and we drove to Mansinita Flats, which was to be our mudhole, uh, I mean campsite. The rain started picking up so we set up an easy-up for our cracker barrel, which was some delicious cake, because it was the David and Daniel’s birthdays. After the wonderful cracker barrel, the easy-up was taken down because if it was left up over night it would collect water and snap. Then we all went to bed. The next morning there was a break in the rain (Yah!). It lasted for a while. The patrols ate breakfast, cleaned up, and set off to shoot at and throw objects. There were three stations, rifle, shotgun, and tomahawks. After a couple of hours, all the scouts squashed back into camp to eat lunch. The easy-ups were set up because our luck run out and the rain started again (however it wasn’t very heavy). After a couple more hours of shooting and throwing, the familiar squishing sound was back in the campsite. After a very long dinner with frequent shouts of “We’re all gonna die!”, scouts warming themselves by a lantern light, runaway onions, and the SECOND cake (yes you read that correctly, a SECOND cake), everyone went to bed at about seven (yes you read that correctly too, seven o’ clock PM at night). The next morning everyone was miserable, there was about a five-minute break [in the rain], which was just enough time to get the easy-ups up. After breakfast and cleaning (and easy-ups falling apart) the tents started to fall. All the scouts and the adults were happy when we finally got into the car and turn the heaters on full blast. When we got back to the school the rain had stopped for good. After a short debriefing we got to go home and do whatever we wanted to.

James H., Troop Historian