Mt. Wittenberg Hike
November 5, 2006

When we arrived we took a quick bathroom break, and then started up the mountain. We took a few breaks and finally we took a long break where we learned we had gone over half of the way up the mountain. With this new information we were reenergized and eagerly climbed up faster. We made it up into a meadow with a great view. Here we took a break for the adults to catch up.

Here a sign read 2.0 miles to the summit. This encouraged the scouts to make it up the little bit there was left. We reached the summit, which really wasn’t as spectacular as we all thought it would be. The only way we could tell it was the summit was because Mr. Reis found a metal circle that said Mt. Wittenburg summit. The summit was a small clearing surrounded by trees that were tall enough to block the view, but too short to be shady enough, so instead we hiked back down the trail a little ways into a part where the trees completed surrounded you. It was like a tunnel made of trees. Here was total shade so we ate lunch.

After our SPL decided he would swallow some sour sugar that one scout had brought, we hiked down back to where we had the wonderful view. Here we took a ten to fifteen minute break, where the adults went off into the bushes where they found a better view. Many of the scouts played an odd version of baseball where you hit a pinecone with a stick. Yet other scouts were the venturous type and went on a small scouting mission.

Then we continued down the mountain, taking only a few breaks so the adults could catch up with the scouts that were eager to get down the hill. Finally we reached the cars, took another quick bathroom break, and drove off. On the way home we stopped at a 7 eleven and got something to eat or drink. Then we hopped into the cars and drove to the school where everyone’s parents were waiting. The scouts also got a good nap in that day.

James H., Troop Historian