Los Moches Service Project
October 28, 2006

We got there early and set up our tents under the warm Los Mochos sun. Then we hiked on over to Teal Lodge where we met the woman who was going to tell us what to do. First we shoveled some sand into some buckets which went on the wheelbarrow. Then we all walked over to a spot on the road where a large hole was. This was to be the resting place of a brand new tree. Mrs. T-K told us the procedures of how to plant the tree. First one person digs out the smacks out the sides of the hole because they were solid and the tree’s roots would not grow through it. While he did that the rest of the four or three man team moved all of the dirt that had come out of the hole into one large pile. Then a mixture was formed of sand, bone meal, and some other healthy plant stuff and mixed in with the dirt. The hole was filled up so that there was just enough to put the tree with the pot of dirt in it. After pouring another strange mixture that smelled like dead fish into the hole, it was time to turn the tree on it’s side and pull it out of the pot. It wasn’t until Mr. Androwski cut open the pot that we managed to get the tree out. The tree went into the hole and the remaining dirt around it.

Along with the tree planting teams there was also the moat building team, the watering team, etc. Many trees were given a good home that day.

After this we had a lunch of sandwiches and some very good punch. Then we went to the wood chip pile. We filled Mr. Androwski’s truck with wood chips and then went to the nature trail. What we were going to do was to cover the trail with wood chips so that it wouldn’t be used as a trail anymore. After we finished one load we went back for a second. It wasn’t until near the end of the second load that we got a relay system going so that one person was running it to another and he ran it up farther and so on. Then we had a wonderful dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs and hot chocolate for dessert.

Then we played capture the flag and had a not so nice encounter. After that we went to bed.

James H., Troop Historian