Russian River Canoe Trip
September 22, 2006

The trip was as a whole, ever so exhilarating! First, we hit the road onto Interstate 880 North, and then we went on 580 West. Then as we neared the San Rafael Bridge, we were hopping then onto Northbound 101. After a bit we arrived. Ok, there we go, now onto the fun stuff. In case you’re wondering why I’ve just handed you the directions, well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Once we arrived and went to bed. The next morning, as the sun poked through the eaves of the foliage, we had a hurried little breakfast and packed our bags (literally), and then we set off onto the Russian River.

After a few set bumps, no, they were more like jolts down the river; we were on our way down. We went without any hesitation, twisting through narrow parts, pulling through shallow ones, and paddling through deeper ones. Finally, we settled down at a nice shady cove, with no other people. After scouting out the area, Christian, David, Sean, and Youngjun, found out that, near a rock on the other side of the river, that there was a sharp drop off. So, with the boundaries confirmed, not only by David’s height, but also by the wits of Christian and Youngjun, people were in the water. But, because of the water temperature, and lack of sun, people didn’t get into the water. Surprisingly, only a few scouts braved the cold waters to wade in. The rest were on warm dry land, enjoying a nice snack. After a few moments, we were back onto the canoes.

About a couple more river lengths, the first groups started to arrive at the second bridge. But, whoa and behold, after we caught up with Mr. Brown and Patrick’s canoe, what a sight it was! It seemed that the two lifeguards in the front, in trying to ambush Mr. Brown and Patrick, had lost their canoe to Patrick. Then along came James, Mr. Howard, Mrs. Rawlins, and Mrs. Huie. The former canoe splashing the latter. Then, as the latter canoe left to wait at a small beach with those who went ahead, we snuck up onto the vehicular bridge, and waited. After waiting for a long time, with Patrick as a decoy, our efforts paid off. The next boat, which happened to be one with Mr. Berggren, got soaked by a couple water bottles. Then, after drying off, they joined us on the bridge.

For the next couple boats, we had to wait doubly as long for. But, when they came under, we caught Richard Nelson and Jonathan Persson, who then got paddle-splashed by previous people. After them, came the two pontoon canoes with Sean, David, Christian, and Youngjun. They then, being not as “gullible”, rammed Patrick out into the open and then followed. This was a good tactic, because we wasted half our water on Patrick and half on Christian’s and Sean’s canoes. Finally, right after, came Mr. Perrson’s and Mr. Lefferts’s canoe. Who, we couldn’t splash because of lack of water.

After, we rejoined the rest of the canoes down a ways. Then, after a couple more twists and turns, we came to a nice beach. Where we then enjoyed our lunches and played in the sand. While playing, we managed to bury Patrick, James, Christian, and Sean, who emerged as sand monsters. We also accomplished burying Patrick’s toes and James’s arm [while attached to their bodies].

Finally, we ended our trip by going through a pedestrian bridge, then stopping at an inlet, where we were driven back to our campsite. After a hearty dinner and rest time with cards and riddles, we had a campfire. We enjoyed many songs and skits from various people both acting, telling, and singing. Then, we enjoyed a nighttime game of capture the flag, in which one team won, and one didn’t. Then we turned in to bed, and went home the next day.

Alex K., Troop Historian