Webelos Woods (AKA Ninja Woods)
April 1, 2006

Upon arriving Friday night at Los Mochos, the ninjas secretly set up camp and slept, not knowing what the dawn would bring the next day…

The next day, they were fully clad and ready to be briefed. They then made their way to the nearby monastery, which was headed by the kind monks, who then provided them with food and sent them on their way. Not soon after, they set up their secret ninja training camp, in a field surrounded by many hills and trails.

Many trainees came up from their villages in order to learn from the ninjas and a Grandmaster. First, they were set into groups and taken up to their camp, where they would get to know their fellow trainees. Then, the grandmaster taught them many skills to show their villages, when they would return. Afterwards, they ate their lunches. Finally, the real fun began.

The groups then split up under ninja guides, guiding them throughout the whole day, to the training grounds. Many surprises awaited them, such as, the Web, which tested their stealth, and agility. Then, there was the Blind maze, which tried their directional and co-operational abilities. Next, there were the shot ranges, both of them headed by other fellow rangemasters. Which then tested their knowledge of weapons, and accuracy (with the exception that they knew their safety lessons). There were also obstacle-courses, scavenger hunts, memory games, and sessions involving ropes and wood. When they were at last done, they headed in for another jolly Monastery dinner and delicious edible stars.

That night was a night to remember. First there was a game (Capture the Flag) for all the ninjas to have fun and enjoy the day. There were awards of bravery, courage, and skill given out to the most outstanding groups. There was also anther treat, a scenario skit put on by most of the elder ninjas, who have experienced and learned much. When at last, their eyes were drooping, minds at rest, and ears calm, they were sent off to bed, and a sleep that carried them away.

The next day the ninjas, satisfied at the change they had wrought in the kind villagers, packed up and left.

Alex K., Troop Historian