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A small, but dedicated group of intrepid hikers set out on the 19th to Mt. St Helena for a Rim-of-the-bay hike. Beautiful spring weather made for an enjoyable time. Snow ball fights took place in the 6-8″ of snow found at the top.

26 scouts set out on the 10th to an unknown destination. As they would find out the Mystery Trip (see clue below) was to be whale watching. Rough seas caused a few uneasy stomachs. Several close encounters with whales were reported.


Clues for Mystery Trip 2006

109/27/2004A Mystery Trip has been set,
April is the month I bet,
Come along and have some fun,
You may not see a lot of sun.
210/4/20041851 was a significant year for something related to the Mystery Trip.
310/11/2004You won’t see 揟he Donald?but you may spend some time in the Conference Room.
410/18/2004Pancakes are not on the menu but you may have your fill of them.
510/25/2004He had his head in his hand, a pumpkin on his head, and could have crossed a famous bridge near our destination.
611/01/2004Special gear may be required,

With it you will be attired,

At the end you may be tired,

But we’re sure you’ll be inspired.
711/08/2004If it rains you may get wet,

In any case do not fret,

Head to toe you’ll probably be,

Something mom won’t want to see.
811/15/2004No, No.

Never, Never.

I’m not never going to tell.
911/29/2004Lady Liberty is sometimes mentioned when people talk about our destination.
1012/06/2004One-hundred pre-historic bodies were reportedly found here.
1112/13/2004A three hour tour.
1201/03/2005Ronald Reagan and Houdini both had a common phobia that you also may have after the Mystery Trip.
1301/10/2005CLXV has something to do with the Mystery Trip.
1401/24/2005Alien green creatures,
Will be the main features,
When we assemble,
Hope you don抰 tremble.
1501/31/2005A Black Hole could devour you.
1602/07/2005Used in the past you bet
You could possibly get wet,
Leveraged artillery abounds,
Hopefully you抣l be safe and sound.
1702/14/2005An important persons birthday has a tie to the Mystery Trip.
1802/28/2005You抣l have the chance to time-travel to the 50s.
1903/07/2005If you add the route numbers together for all the numbered highways/roads we will travel
you might get 1573.
2003/14/2005Frogs may jump,
Scouts may bump,
Adults may groan,
You抣l all be prone.
2103/21/2005The largest in California.
2204/04/2005Full that day will be the moon,
Quince your thirst in a saloon,
The one from 17 we think,
May just buy you all a drink.
2304/11/2005You may have to step it out to get there. 234 times to reach you goal.
2404/18/2005What was then 10 foot above,
Monitors have changed the beautiful and beloved,
Cisterns reside below in case of fire,
Of this you can be sure that I am not a liar.