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Mystery Trip
March 10, 2006

This year’s mystery trip was a blast! After getting to the camping area, with pretty incline weather, we started to set up our tents and take out our equipment. Then, it started drizzling, then raining, then almost immediately hailing. There was hail the size of miniature melon balls. We had to run and take cover! After setting up our tents in the blinding rain, and moving in our belongings in the pelting hail, we settled in for the night.

After the hail (it was as big as golf balls) had stopped and the sun was up we got up, got out, and started having our quick breakfast and packing our lunches for eating on the tour boat (could’ve also been a ship, but probably not as big as a cruise ship). We then hopped into the cars, and drove to the Moss Landing Marina. The marina was small, but more than adequate. Fishing skiffs, tour boats, whale-watching boats, research boats, and more were docked at different places around the harbor! Soon after arriving we were on the boat in a jiffy awaiting departure. After finishing up with some safety rules, stories about other Boy Scout troops, directions about the toilets, and instructions for throwing up on the boat (go to the back, check the wind, and aim for distance), we then sailed away from the port. The first few minutes out in the bay were fine, with all the things to look at (birds, sea otters, sea lions, and water). But when we started to get out in the big blue sea, amid the swells and waves, I thought I saw a couple people starting to get a bit sick… Luckily, the captain had some handy little “watches” on board! They were little devices that would send shock impulses through you body on intervals, in order to keep you in shape…

Just a bit off the trip, your truly began to feel a bit uncomfortable, so I popped on a “watch” and went into the lower cabin and tried to sleep it off; It didn’t work. After a couple awakens, I found myself finally seeing whales and many other animals we had come to see. Throughout the trip we managed to spot some whales and Rissos’ dolphins, a key highlight of our outing. Then, coming back we saw some huge sea lions, and finally got back onto nice Dry Land. After getting back, and drying out some wet items, a group went off to the beach down at the other end at of the campsite. We then played, made sand castles that would be [eventually] swept away, and had a blast. Then after dinner we came down to the beach and had a campfire. The next day, we packed up, had Scout’s Own in a small amphitheatre, and went home.

Alex K., Troop Historian