Winter Camp Out
January 14, 2006

We arrived at the snow campgrounds with enthusiasm fit to burst. After setting up our tents, and having lunch, people went out to different places. Many set out to have snow fights, sled down the huge piles of snow, and explore the various available areas. People were setting up snow forts using sleds, disks, and even the top of a patrol box! After doing this they set out to render their opponents useless, and steal all the glory for themselves. Other people were busy battling it out.

The battle of the “Big Rock” was especially fierce! Ryan, Nicholas, and Gary were trying to invade the big rock, but the defenders were beating them back so, they combined in order to protected themselves from the bombarding enemy by using the tactical Roman Shield Formation, but Sean, David, Christian, and Young-jun, struck back with enough snowballs to make an elephant notice that it would be getting attacked. Luckily no lives were lost, and many lives were saved as a result of a temporary peace treaty. After this battle, some people went down to the slopes to try to carve a path for smooth sledding, and not long after, they did.

After all the fun and merriment, we all headed in for a superb Dutch-oven dinner. The after eating our dinner and Dutch oven concoctions, we all headed over to a farm decorated rink to skate. There were no cows or much hay, but there were a ton of people skating and hanging around. After having a fun time for about close to an hour, we finally headed back to camp and a nights rest. The next day we headed back home after packing up and moving out.

Alex K., Troop Historian