Hobo Campout – Henry Coe. State Park
May 22 – 23, 2004

When we left for the Hobo Camp out, it was foggy and cold. When we arrived it started to rain. We got our gear and hiked towards the campground as the weather got nicer. No one knew that it would turn into a gorgeous day.

After arriving at the campsite, we laid out our tarps and blankets/sleeping bags. Some scouts had to move their gear several times due to large ant colonies. After we settled in, we walked to Rabbit Springs. Some spring: it was only a small well. So we walked back towards camp; one group hiked a different direction and one group rested, but we weren’t allowed into camp because the adults were working on a surprise.

Finally, we were allowed into camp and had lunch. The adults had tied oranges and apples onto the trees, so we would have to pick our own fruit for lunch. After lunch we made slingshots or rubber-band rifles. We then tried to hit a can with the slingshot or rifle to win a hotdog for our patrol. After each patrol hit the target at least once, we were able to go to the water hole and play, or stay for more target practice.

Later, we returned to camp for dinner. Man, what a hike (all uphill)! We cooked dinner in old cans that we used for pots and a stove. We had stew with pork and beans, and the hotdogs that we had warned earlier. Then we made candle holders out of soda cans and used them as hand-warmers and lanterns during the night. They didn’t work out too well because the wind was too strong.

We had a campfire later and ate S’mores and then went to bed. Most boys slept under a shelter they put up. A few of us slept under the stars. Cool! In the morning, we got up and made oatmeal for breakfast; then we packed up and hiked out to headquarters 2.8 miles away. Everyone hiked about 10 miles over the two days. It was fun!

Jared R., Troop Historian