Rim of the Bay Hike – Pinnacles
March 7, 2004

Early in the morning we left at about 8:30 am. When we arrived at Pinnacles we saw a lot of huge rock formations. It looked like a desert with red and tan patterns on the rocks. We went inside the visitor center and saw a map and the hike route that we would be taking. Unfortunately we were not allowed to go into the caves because of a certain species of bat. At the beginning of the hike some of the scouts stayed at the back of the line to learn about at least ten different types of plants. During the hike they were tested on what they learned.

The beginning of the hike was fairly easy. Toward the middle it got very steep. The sights were more beautiful the higher we got. We saw a lot of plants, trees and a little waterfall. Finally, we took a break and ate lunch. Oh, it felt good to sit down! After that the hike got even steeper. There were 4″X5″ steps cut into the rock to climb on and one rail to help us keep our balance. Good luck!

Pinnacles is one of the parks where California Condors are being released to help save them from extinction. I personally saw four of the six California Condors that were released. Their wingspan from tip to tip was about 6 feet long! There were also some Turkey Vultures that looked like babies next to the Condors.

As we headed back down, it seemed to me that it was harder than going up. We also got to see a “natural fan” where cool air rushed out from the rocks. It felt great because it was a hot day! Overall it was a great trip.

Jared R., Troop Historian