Pico Blanco Camp-out
March 19-March 21, 2004

We had an exciting trip to Pico Blanco near Carmel. We left Friday evening between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. The trip to the camp seemed to take forever. Some people had trouble finding the meeting place, and it took about an hour before everyone arrived and was accounted for. Then we went down the windiest road I have ever been on. Many of the turns seemed to be 180 degree turns. We arrived after 11:00 pm. By the time we got organized, set up, and ready for bed, we settled down for the night at about 12:30 am.

We woke up early the next morning, made breakfast and waited for every one else to wake up. After everyone was up, some of us had a PLC meeting while the other scouts had free time. After that there were activities for rank advancements, such as: First Aid, Knots, and Totin’Chit. Mr. Androwski did a great presentation showing his knife collection, and told us which knives are legal and which are illegal to carry.

After lunch we had some time to go swimming, do some carving, or go hiking. There was a big cement dam across the creek where Steelhead Trout were spawning. They are protected because they are endangered. There was also a nice waterfall across the river from the swimming area.

In the afternoon, most of the patrols went back to camp to get an early start on the Chili Cook-off. Then the game began. There were adults checking every little detail, and scouts running here and there getting ready for the final hour. There were special efforts made by each patrol. Some had fancy table settings; others had their food in special containers like rolls or hollowed out bell peppers. One group wore paper chef hats, another had special table settings. Each group also had to prepare one Dutch oven dish.

The grown-ups checked menus, preparation, attitude, presentation, taste of food, food storage, and clean-up. After al of that hard work, we had to wait a long time for the adults to add up the patrols points. At campfire we had some good skits and then finally found out who won the Cook-off. Leadership took top honors, but because of their age and experience bowed out to let the next highest scoring patrol take the win. Go Cobra’s!

The next day we got ready to go home. Two people in the Cobra patrol had their gear packed and ready to go as the leaders were waking the rest of the troop.We had breakfast, a Scout’s Own, and headed home.

Jared R., Troop Historian