On January 10th, 2004 at 7am, the scouts heading for Pinecrest met at Warm Springs School to load up and leave for snow camp. We loaded two pick-up trucks sky-high and departed at about 7:30 am. We got to Pinecrest mid-day, quickly set up camp, ate lunch, and then headed out to the snow. Some scouts went sledding, others built forts out of snow blocks and had snowball fights. We had snow sled/saucer races on a path with many snow dunes. Harsh ride!

The stoves didn’t work well because of the altitude and the cold, but we were able to cook with backpacking stoves, and had warm soup in a cup for dinner. Some of us had frozen Snickers bars for dessert. Alot of us sat around a nice warm campfire and relaxed while the older boys made video tapes with “Murray” in the heated restroom. A few people had a cold, rough night – but everyone made it through. Overall the weather was really nice (no storms), we had a great time and a safe trip home.

Jared R., Troop Historian